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domingo, 21 de julio de 2013

Clinton Fearon & Boogie Brown Band - Mi Deh Yah (Jamaica, 2010)

Clinton Fearon & Boogie Brown Band - Mi Deh Yah (Jamaica, 2010)

Clinton Fearon fue miembro de Gladiators, el mítico grupo  jamaiquino que allá por los años 70 daban los mejores y más excitantes recitales según cuentan las crónicas.
Texto-Daniel Soberon

Clinton fue su bajista y corista pero ocasionalmente fue cantante de algunos éxitos entre los años 1970/1987.
Luego de esa larga experiencia grupal en el año 1994 comienza su carrera solista, ya con  ocho trabajos en su haber (en el 2009 edito “Faculty of Dub”, un disco de versiones dub de sus éxitos)  estamos en presencia de su noveno y ultimo disco “Mi Deh Yah”.

Su ultimo y gran disco de composiciones originales data del 2006 y fue “Visión” dónde se podían encontrar “Dutty Gun”, “Livin’ is an Art ” y “Life is Not Aways Easy ”.

En su My Space tienen para escuchar dos títulos del álbum, “Are You Ready” y “Mi Deh Yah”, que le da nombre al disco.

Canciones del mas puro root reggae, old school (a la vieja usanza) que deja a las claras el nivel y la vigencia de este grande del reggae que estará saliendo de gira por el viejo continente en el verano boreal, con algunos compinches de la vieja camada como Earl “Chinna” Smith, Kiddus I y The Viceroys entre otros, en una gira denominada Les Maitres du Reggae Acoustique (los maestros del reggae acústico).

Chequeen este material y para los que no conocen,  no dejen de escuchar al gran“Bassie” Clinton. 

Fuente: Pelagatos

The man stooping over a lit match on the cover of Mi Deh Yah has been creating and performing reggae music for over 40 years. Clinton Fearon's newest release brings together the essence of a credentialed career with some hard-won wisdom. Mi Deh Yah is a Jamaican expression meaning, "I am here." In terms of musical authority and personal presence, Clinton Fearon is most definitely here.
His lyrics are an entreaty. He wants you to feel the heartbreak of humanity, as in "What a World," along with our power to transform it ("Better Days" and "Are You Ready.") He wants to convey that it's possible to be aware and happy. Indeed, pain and joy intertwine in most of his songs, leading to the choice implied in "The Best": "A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of lead." The music stands strong on its own. Fearon himself plays bass on all the tracks: need I say more? His distinctive bass and percussion style remains rootsy and playful, yet clearly in charge. Also evident is his hand in the engineering, learned from working with masters such as Lee "Scratch" Perry. He makes way for the musicians of his Boogie Brown band to showcase their talents on horns, flute, sax, and even strings. This variance brings us an unexpected a whiff of different traditions the bluesy saxophone solo in "Working For the Man," the Mariachi feel to the ska instrumental, "Focus," the middle eastern embellishments to "Feeling Blue." In "De Casa," Fearon tips a hat to the South American countries he's fallen in love with on tour. In "Jamaica" he brings it all home with harmonies that hail from the sweetest days of reggae's trio singers. Having made a name for himself in the 70's and 80's, Clinton Fearon walked away from it all in 1987. He literally stepped into the musical abyss by starting over again, on his own, in Seattle, a city with a small reggae audience at the time, when the popularity of roots reggae had faltered.
Now his flame is spreading again; Mi Deh Yah was released in France this June, and will be released in the rest of Europe in September, after its U.S. debut. This deeply personal work transcends the "Mi" and takes us to the greater "I." It offers a hand-up from the bleakness that seems at times to surround us. Indeed, the man stooping over a lit match on the cover of Mi Deh Yah looks as if he's about to extend his flame to you. You have only to reach out and accept it.
Fuente: clintonfearon.com

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