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martes, 23 de julio de 2013

Clinton Fearon & Boogie Brown Band - Give And Take (Jamaica, 2004)

Clinton Fearon & Boogie Brown Band - Give And Take (Jamaica, 2004)

Review by Larry Leiber, Reggae Movement
Clinton Fearon and the Boogie Brown hails out of Seattle, Washington nowadays, but the music he produces and offers comes straight from Jamaica. Give and Take, Mr. Fearon's latest release from the northwest, gives a modern day flavor from a recipe from yesteryear. Notable is the variety of styles that Mr. Fearon, a former member of The Gladiators band, offers, from the beautiful rocksteady inspired "Parable Sound", which makes one smile and remember The Ethiopians sweet melodies, to the playful and crying "Feel the Spirit" which gives the classical reggae beat that everyone seeks to find.
Infused throughout the album are sweet musical instrumentals that captivate the reggae mind and imagination. The Boogie Brown band has evolved into a sweet reggae machine with Clinton Fearon as the Captain commanding the way over snaky, twisting bass rhythms.
Mr. Fearon states in the repetitively hypnotic "Movin' Up", "In this world of competition, there is no recognition." Where this may speak some truth in our current societal system, it is just due to give him the recognition he deserves for putting out a great album. A very fine addition to any respectful reggae collection.

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