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sábado, 20 de julio de 2013

Andy Narell - The Passage (USA, 2004)

Andy Narell - The Passage (USA, 2004)

Anyone who thinks the steel drums are limited to calypso and other native West Indian 
styles has obviously 
never heard Andy Narell or his collaborators on this disc, the French band 
Calypsociation. Narell's compositions take the music headlong into jazz, and the richness 
of the steel pan sound ripples and sways throughout. For added flavor and texture, guests
 Michael Brecker, Paquito D'Rivera, and Hugh Masekela bring their horns, but they're the 
icing on a swinging cake (full praise to the percussionists who make the whole ensemble
 swing). The music is deliciously complex without ever sounding it. It works just as well
 on slower pieces like "Song for Mia," where the drums create a latticework of melody
 that remains gorgeously balanced. Granted, at times it veers perilously close to smooth
 jazz, but then it always steers faultlessly as far as melody is concerned. The extended
 pieces, like the title cut and "Coffee Street," sail through moods, and "Dee Mwa Wee" 
offers slightly darker hues in its lovely minor key, with Masekela's flügelhorn bubbling 
gently over the top. You have to hand it to Narell; his imagination and skill have made
 the steel pans into a mainstream instrument.

1. The Passage 
2. Song for Mia 
3. The Long Way Back 
4. Sea of Stories 
5. Mabouya 
6. Dee Mwa Wee 
7.Coffee Street

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