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miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2014

House Of Shem - Island Vibration (Nva Zelanda, 2011)

House Of Shem - Island Vibration (Nva Zelanda, 2011)

01 - Island Vibration
02 - Sweet Love
03 - Move Along Together
04 - Not Gonna Run
05 - Tahuri Mai Ra (Feat. Ruia)
06 - Party
07 - Just Remember
08 - All I Need
09 - Brighter Day
10 - Thank You
11 - Memories
12 - Jah Light
13 - Keep The Fire Burning

Cameron Allen Saxophone
Ruia Aperahama  Featured Artist, Introduction, Rap, Saxophone, Vocals (Background)
Chris Athens Mastering
Errol Brown Engineer, Mixing
John Diamond Guitar
Oliver Emmitt Trombone
Spencer Fusimalohi Guitar
Francis Harawira    Bass
Paul Jeffcoat Art Direction, Design, Layout, Photo Manipulation
Joey Latimer Fender Rhodes
Cameron Mariu Assistant, Engineer
Chris Nielson Saxophone
Sean O'Kane Saxophone
Stuart Pearce Piano
Carl Perkins Art Direction, Executive Producer, Guitar, Guitar (Steel), Percussion, Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Isaiah Perkins Drum Programming, Executive Producer, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Producer, Synthesizer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

Samuel "Gad" Perkins Vocals (Background)

Te Omeka Perkins Bass, Clavinet, Drum Programming, Engineer, Executive Producer, Guitar (Acoustic), Percussion, Producer, Programming, Ragga Poetry, Synthesizer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

Steve Roberts Engineer
Finn Scholes Trumpet
Jordan Stone Assistant
Piahana Tahapehi Guitar
Ben Tawhiti Guitar (Steel)
Marconia "Mako" Tekena Drums, Ukulele
Karl Thomas Organ, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Putiani Upoko Drums, Ukulele
Roy Venkataraman Guitar
Kaya Webster Drums

lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

Midnite - Infinite Dub (Islas Vírgenes, 2008)

Midnite - Infinite Dub (Islas Vírgenes, 2008)

Release date: 11/25/2008

01. Dew Dub
02. Right Here  Dub
03. Infinite  Dub
04. Dub A Wonder
05. Mic Dub Assemble
06. Reala  Dub
07. Attacking the Dub
08. More Dub
09. Grounds Dub
10. Dub Everything
11. Frequency Dub
12. Stay With HIS Dub
13. Before  Dub
14. Domination Dub
15. Provide Dub
16. Infinite RMX (by DJ Child)

domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Watcha Playin (2008)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Watcha Playin (2008)

01. Need
2. Dance-Free Night
3. Bellybuttons T&A        
4. Rude Boy Shuffle         
5. The Park          
6. Wendell Wedding        
7. For A Few Dollars More / Faya          
8. Work It Out     
9. My Jamaican Girl
10. Dibby Dibby Sound
11. S-Curved         
12 . The Day Before Adidi  

Backing Vocals – Awa Manneh
Drums, Backing Vocals – Yancy Drew
Executive-Producer – Bill Coleman
Guitar – Masa Shimizu
Guitar, Organ, Backing Vocals – Desmond Foster
Keyboards, Trumpet, Backing Vocals – Iwan Van Hetten
Mastered By – Herb Powers Jr.
Percussion – Philippe Monrose
Producer, Executive-Producer, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Leader – Lati Kronlund
Vocals – Everton Sylvester, Hanifah Walidah, Papa Dee

sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2014

Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Cool, Steady & Easy (USA, 1995)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Cool, Steady & Easy (EEUU, 1995)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials is a soul/funk/acid jazz collective, featuring Groove Collective's trombonist Joshua Roseman, producer Bob "Sassy" Brockmann, DJ Jazzy Nice, and saxophonist Paul Shapiro. Surprisingly, Cool and Steady and Easy isn't at all schizophrenic in its tone -- it's a cohesive, smooth, and funky collection, standing as a testament to the talents of the musicians involved.

1. Take the L Train (To Brooklyn)
2. The Creator Has a Master Plan
3. The Revolution Was Postponed Because of Rain
4. Bop Hop
5. Brooklyn Recycles
6. Madame Zzaj
7. A Headnaddas Journey to the Planet Adidi-Skizm
8. Big Apple Boogaloo
9. Blow Your Brains Out
10. Stickman Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge
11. Dilly Dally
12.  Take the a Train (To 8 Ave.)

viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2014

Carmen Souza - Protegid (Portugal - Cabo Verde, 2010)

Carmen Souza - Protegid (Portugal - Cabo Verde, 2010)

One often hears the expression, "It's all over the map." But it's rarely used been more truthfully or appropriately than when applied to Protegid, the third album by vocalist Carmen Souza, born in Lisbon, of Cape Verdean descent, and now residing in London. Singing in a colorful, eclectic Portuguese-based Creole, Souza illuminates, stretches, and snaps back the elastic connections between Latin, African and Arabic music, American jazz and the music of Cape Verde.

Souza conclusively proves that the "world music" evolution/revolution has transformed modern vocal as well as instrumental music. This transformative power breathes new life into the most famous song written by Cape Verdes' most famous native musician, "Song for My Father" by Horace Silver. Her new "Song"—more than mere rearrangement—tosses together a Latin shuffle from piano and percussion that keeps the original's rhythm rocking, with her vocal softly tracing the padded steps of her electric keyboard solo. "I came to discover that the songs that people sang in the fields on Cape Verde have the same pentatonic scale identified with the blues," she marvels.

Souza's half-spoken, half-sung introduction, and subsequent verses, to "Dos Eternidade (Two Eternities)" suggestNina Simone pattering in French surrounded by a carnival of steel drums, a scene that abruptly shifts into jazz piano backed by percolating congas, jingling bells, and whistles. "Tente Midj" jumps out of this production, stewing percussion, acoustic guitar, and vocals together with jackrabbit accordion until thoroughly blended and steaming hot. The piano chords and horn chart of "Kem e Bo (Who Are You)" turn toward yet another time and place, the studied jazz-pop cool of Steely Dan. Unified with fretless bass, piano and percussion, her closing vocal to "Magia ca tem (Passionless)" even seems to whisper the same rarified breath as Flora Purim from Purim's magical tenure inReturn to Forever.

"Afri Ka" and "D'xam ess moment (Worthwhile)" erupt with the wondrously inexplicable joy of vibrant, sunny African rhythms, teased and played out by Souza's vocal, sighing and flying, mewing and cooing, and very much sounding like a prowling cat.
Track Listing: M'sta Li Ma Bo (I'm Here for You); Afri Ka; Dos Eternidade (Two Eternities); Tente Midj; Protegid (Protected); D'xam ess moment (Worthwhile); Sodade; Song for My Father; Kem e Bo (Who Are You?); Magia ca tem (Passionless); Decision (Decision); Mara Marga (Bitter Mara).
Personnel: Carmen Souza: vocals, acoustic guitar, Fender Rhodes; Theo Pas'cal: acoustic bass, double bass, double bass bow, udo, cajon, snare timbales, brushes effects, skin percussion, traditional reco, traditional Agogos, backing vocals, wood and shakers, metal percussion, acoustic steel guitar, marimbas, kisange; Omar Sosa: acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes; Jonathan Idiagbonya: acoustic piano; Claudio Cesar Lima Ribeiro: solo nylon guitar; Tiago Santos: nylon guitar; Pedro Segundo: drums, percussion, kaxixe; Zoe Pas'cal: Funana rhythm, percussion; Sebastian Sheriff: bongos, cajon, timbales, kaxixes, congas, batas, vibraslap, cabaca, guiro, cowbells; Derek Johnson: nylon guitar; Marc Berthoumieux: accordion; Joao Frade: accordion; Victor Samora: acoustic piano; Rick Lazar: cebolo, cajita, shaker, triangle, pandeiro; Lars Arens: trombone, euphonium, horn section arrangement; Miguel Goncalves: trumpet, flugelhorn; Johannes Krieger: trumpet, flugelhorn; Ze Maria: tenor saxophone, alto saxophone; Luis Cunha: trombone, euphonium; Adel Salameh: oud; Naziha Azzouz: vocals.

1. M'sta Li Ma Bô
2. Afri Ká
3. Dos Eternidade
4. Tentê Midj
5. Protegid
6. D'xam Ess Moment
7. Sodade
8. Song For My Father
9. Kem Ê Bô
10. Magia Ca Tem
11. Decison
12. Mara Marga

miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

Lloyd Brown - 30 (Reino Unido, 2012)

Lloyd Brown - 30 (Reino Unido, 2012)

01. Thank You
02. Tired Fi See Mi Face
03. What Part of No Didn't You Understand
04. Catch the Feeling
05. Get To Know Ya
06. Right There
07. On the Other Hand
08. Got a Thing for You
09. When Will I See You Again feat. Julie Payne
10. Stop
11. Make Time for Love
12. Just so That You Know
13. Sharing the Night (LB'S Remix)
14. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
15. Sunshine
16. Better To Have Loved
17. Private Life feat. Grace Jones & Sly 'N' Robbie
18. Pay No Mind
19. Pass It On feat. Don Campbell, Wayne Marshall & Delroy Pinnock
20. Tribute

Featured artists: Sly & RobbieWayne Marshall

Alborosie - Escape From Babylon (Italia, 2009)

Alborosie - Escape From Babylon (Italia, 2009)

What we have in Alborosie as an artist in reggae is clearly a scholar of reggae. A multi-instrumentalist, with phrasing, vocal parts like a Vivaldi opera.  But these tunes are hard, and they go to places that not many have gone since King Tubby and Scientist were building speakers and moving knobs to innovate a music movement.

This new set, out on VP Records,  ESCAPE FROM BABYLON TO THE KINGDOM OF ZION was actually released in Europe last summer.  The record is just getting into the hands of the American market which prior to now, only had his limited edition import SOUL PIRATE to satisfy cravings for his gravelly chant, studious observance ofvintage reggae technique, political stance, genuine street sense, and spiritual vibes.

The record was produced in Kingston where Alborosie, native of Sicily in Italy has been living for the past ten years.  The lead track on the album "Kingston Town" pays homage to the rudies that have trod for half a century there. With a nod to foundation engineer Scientist, the cover art reflects the series of illustrations that the veteran has to his credit as a superhero of dub.  Now Alborosie is in his PhD program, studying with the Specialist who has Shabba Ranks to his credit, and whose formula for success has left clues, ones that the explorer from the East has come to unearth and dust off, to conquer the rest reggae world.

One of the key cultural singles to blaze 2009, was "Kingdom of Zion." "If you a wicked man cannot enter the kingdom of Zion,' seems easy enough to say, but unlike those who flow with the same recycled rasta rhetoric, or worse, those who have sold out for the bling, with hype topics, abandoning the class struggles that birthed reggae, this one rings true. Alborosie chants, "For the kingdom of Zion there is no VIP pass, no JLP, PNP tax, no subject, no class....and  "Enter the kingdom, free up Jamdown, come join this stardom, no killings no phantom." "
The American version of the ESCAPE FROM BABYLON album has several combinations including one with David Hinds of Steel Pulse on the classic "Steppin' Out"  and a slack  and very slick dancehall song,"Blue Movie Boo" sung over Shabba's "Bedroom Bully," a retouched riddim with a chorus that uses the patois term for porn flicks.

review by reggaeville.com

Midnite - Beaty for Ashes (Islas Vírgenes, 2014)

Midnite - Beaty for Ashes (Islas Vírgenes, 2014)

The idea of a milestone album is pretty laughable if you'reMidnite. After all, with so many albums so many miles have been covered that marking any temporary resting place as one of special significance makes little sense.

But Beauty for Ashes is a milestone of sorts for those involved. It's the first of a trio of long-players helmed by Tippyof St Croix’s I Grade Records using rhythms by US/VI production troika Zion I Kings - the follow-ups being byPressure and Lutan Fyah (both featured here). Despite a decade old association with I Grade, it's also a landmark in that it's Midnite’s most accessible effort since the up-tempo JA style roots of 2011’s Andrew Bassie Campbell production Kings Bell.
As with Kings Bell Midnite keyboardist and musical director Ron Benjamin is not producing the music and singer/lyricist Vaughn Benjamin’s dense reasonings are laid over less languid, more conventionally classic roots backings. Zion I Kings rhythms possess a meditative depth that can be likened to the Roots Radics with a temperate, distinctly non Jamaican feel. The horns and guitars evoke cool misty mornings in ancient tropical lands – while the drum and the bass pitch and roll like ships on choppy seas.
Midnite’s reputation for prolific issuing of their recorded output is matched by the amount that stays unreleased. Several tracks originally considered for the project have been culled in the process of its making and the final ordering is as sure and flowing as can be.

A theme of Vaughn's thinking is the interconnectedness of everything. And this is a central concept of the record - both in using a network of collaborators and in the lyrics. Songs like Same I Ah One (with Pressure) and Same Boat We stress importance of losing our island mentality. Compassion for all races, especially women and children figure strongly. Generation Again says of man and woman “Separate and equal, are together an equal”. Other topics include technology (All I's On You) and substance abuse (A Healing).

Vaughn’s voice is insistent and haunting, ancient and yearning, as if calling to us from a dream. He is often content to take the chorus in the collabs with Pressure, Lutan Fyah and Ras Batch. Yet even when he has a song to himself he locks with the music and chants his messages at an intense, measured pace. Every thesis, antithesis, digression and dialectic is given sufficient room.

Where musically this might not be as commercial as Kings Bell, it is the next step for people that don’t “get”Midnite. Those that find the majority of their albums impenetrable may have an easier time having heard Beauty For Ashes. For it is surely one of Midnite’s most significant and faultless works – although its true substance is hard to gauge until the Pressure and Lutan Fyah sequels follow.

review by www.reggaeville.com