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domingo, 21 de julio de 2013

Andy Narell - The Long Time Band (USA, 1995)

Andy Narell - The Long Time Band (USA, 1995)

The Long Time Band 
Artist  Andy Narell 
Album Title  Long Time Band 
Date of Release  Oct 1995 
AMG Rating    
Genre  Jazz  
Styles  World Fusion, Post-Bop, Crossover Jazz 
Time  61:51 
"Multicultural" is a word that musicians tossed around a lot in the 1990s, but claiming to have a multicultural outlook and actually showing that you have one are two different things. With The Long Time Band, Andy Narell provides an example of honest-to-God multiculturalism. Think about it: you've got a Jewish-American musician who is using an Afro-Caribbean instrument from Trinidad (the steel pan) to play a style of music that came out of the African-American community (jazz). But, as The Long Time Band demonstrates, jazz is hardly the only form of music that interests Narell. Though this is essentially a jazz CD, it's a jazz CD that contains elements of other African-American forms (funk, R&B, and blues) and also draws on everything from Afro-Cuban salsa and Afro-Caribbean calypso to African pop. Narell doesn't play "in the tradition" on this album. Rather, The Long Time Band is an example of a jazzman being fascinated with a variety of cultures and using that fascination to his creative advantage. The Long Time Band is multiculturalism in the finest sense of the word. — Alex Henderson 

    1.   Bacchanal (Narell) - 8:26 
    2.   Jenny's Room (Narell) - 5:10 
    3.   De Long Time Band (Rudder) - 5:49 
    4.   You the Man (Narell) - 9:33 
    5.   Play One for Keith (Narell) - 9:02 
    6.   Groove Town (Narell/Rudder) - 7:08 
    7.   Dance Class (Narell) - 7:23 
    8.   Canboulay (Narell) - 5:49 
    9.   De Long Time Band [Conclusion] (Rudder) - 3:31 

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