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martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

Étienne MBappé - Misiya (Camerún, 2004)

Étienne MBappé - Misiya (Camerún, 2004)

The key to Etienne Mbappé’s music is the story of the dispersal of the black peoples of Africa, a story that in his hands becomes a celebration. Through his music, Mbappé has introduced a new element into contemporary African music. He is conscious of Africa’s traumas, doubts and questionings, but he also openly embraces the modernity of a continent that has given so much to the world while receiving so much pain in return. 

1. Ee to Kem (Yes or No)
2. Misiya (Cries)
3. Cameroun O Mulena (Cameron in My Heart)
4. Miso Ma Munami (My Son's Eyes)
5. Ambass
6. Olo Iyo

7. Malea (Advice)
8. Tele Miso (Open Your Eyes)
9. Ewoudou
10. Bewouki Bongo (Your Ridiculous Boasting)
11. Malinga Ma Loba (Anger of the Gods)
12. O Mwititi (In the Drakness)
13. Anguel'am (My Guardian Angel)
14. Mukanbilan (Trembling)

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