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jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012

Beatiful Nubia And His Roots Renaissance Band - Irinajo (Nigeria, 2010)

Beatiful Nubia And His Roots Renaissance Band - Irinajo (Nigeria, 2010)

Beautiful Nubia is the performance name of Nigerian-born poet, songwriter, folklorist and bandleader, Segun Akinlolu.

Beautiful Nubia’s songs of cultural celebration, social upliftment and public enlightenment have inspired millions of people in his country of birth. As independent as any artist can ever be, BN writes, arranges, produces and markets his own music. His original songs, rich in folkloric traditions and ancient wisdom, have impressed many, including elders, and his ability to re-invent old folk rhythms and songs has led to a description as “one of those who have come to redeem the image of traditional African music” (The Vanguard, 2001). He has evolved a form of music which appeals to a continuously growing market comprising all sections of the populace: the poor and the rich, unlettered market-women and university professors, urban youth and rural folk, male and female, young and old.

OnilenreleComing SoonOwolamo
Revolution Time
This Burning House
The Pleasure Is Mine
Kurunmi Is On The Way
This Burning House Ii

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