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sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012

Dave Matthews Band - LiveTrax Vol.8 Apline Valley (USA, 2004)

Dave Matthews Band - LiveTrax Vol.8 Apline Valley (USA, 2004)

Live Trax Vol. 8 is the eighth album in the Live Trax live album series by the Dave Matthews Band. The album was recorded on August 7, 2004 at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin. The show features the band's first, and to date, only performance of "Super Freak," played as a tribute to the late Rick James who had died the day before. The song replaced the performance of "Anyone Seen the Bridge?," which is typically played as a segue between "So Much to Say" and "Too Much." The album contains a vast array of Dave Matthews Band live-only songs, including "Granny," "Help Myself," "Sugar Will," and the first official release of "Crazy-Easy." The latter two of these songs were new for the 2004 summer tour and had not been released on an album at the time of the show. Of the two other new songs played at this show, "Hello Again" was released on the band's next studio album, Stand Up, and "Joyride" was released as a B-side on the Stand Up bonus disc.

[edit]Disc one
"Hello Again" — 7:25
"Granny" — 5:23
"#41" — 9:29
"The Stone" — 8:57
"Crazy-Easy" — 5:10
"So Much to Say" » — 4:13
"Super Freak" (Rick James) » — 2:30
"Too Much" — 5:40
"Bartender" — 14:42
"When the World Ends" — 3:49
"Help Myself" — 5:07
[edit]Disc two
"I'll Back You Up" — 4:57
"Joy Ride" — 4:10
"Grey Street" — 4:52
"Sugar Will" — 14:08
"Ants Marching" — 7:15
"Everyday" — 10:16
"Typical Situation" — 13:12
"Warehouse" — 9:59

Carter Beauford — Percussion, drums, vocals
Stefan Lessard — Bass
Dave Matthews — Guitar, vocals
LeRoi Moore — Saxophone, horns
Butch Taylor — Keyboards
Boyd Tinsley — Violin

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