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miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012

Vusi Mahlasela - The Voice (Sudáfrica, 2003)

Vusi Mahlasela - The Voice (Sudáfrica, 2003)

Excelente compositor oriundo de Sudáfrica. Dueño de una excelente voz

Vusi Mahlasela, known in South Africa as ‘The Voice,’ makes his North American debut with The Voice, a definitive collection handpicked by Vusi which spans his recordings over the last eleven years.
“Vusi Mahlasela sings as a bird does: in total response to being alive. He is a national treasure.”
- Nadine Gordimer, 1991 Nobel Prize winner
“He was a voice during the revolution, a voice of hope, like a Woody Guthrie or Bob Dylan of South Africa, and he still is.”
- Dave Matthews
“With a soundtrack by Vusi Mahlasela, the way forward is clear–and a bit easier thanks to the uplifting force of his timeless creations.”
- Roger Steffens (VUCD02)

"Melodi Ya Mamelodi"
"Silang Mabele"
"When You Come Back"
"Sleep Tight Margaret"
"Red Song"
"Emtini Wababe"
"Mma Modiane"
"Ntate Mahlasela"
"A Prayer for Our Time"

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