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miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012

Misty In Roots - Musi O Tunya (Jamaica, 1985)

Misty In Roots - Musi O Tunya (UK, 1985)

Misty in Roots began life as a Southall-based British roots reggae band in the early 1970s. Their first album was 1979's Live at the Counter Eurovision, a record full of Biblical Rastafarian songs. It was championed by BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel, helping to bring roots reggae to a white audience. At this early stage, the band was a collective with five lead singers and various musicians, though by the time of the second album the band had slimmed down to just three members. Along with Steel Pulse and Aswad, Misty in Roots were one of the most popular English reggae bands in the late 1970s. (Fuente: Wikipedia)
Más información: Misty In Roots - Forward (UK, 1989)

No Love
Food Clothes And Shelter
West Livity
Economical Slavery
Musi O Tunya


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