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martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013

Richard Bona - Reverence (Camerún, 2001)

Richard Bona - Reverence (Camerún, 2001)

Reverence is the second studio album by Cameroonian jazz bassist and musician Richard Bona. It was released on September 7, 2001 
through Columbia Jazz.[4] The song "Reverence (The Story of a Miracle)" features guest appearance by prominent jazz guitarist Pat 
In her review of the album, Hilarie Grey of JazzTimes called Reverence "a warm and often touching effort that should cement Richard 
Bona's reputation as one of the great talents of our time."[2]

1. "Invocation (A Prophecy)"  
2. "Bisso Baba (Always Together)"  
3. "Suninga (When Will I Ever See You?)"  
4. "Ekwa Mwato (Affirmation of the Spirit)"    
5. "Sweet Mary (Everyone Has a Choice)"  
6. "Reverence (The Story of a Miracle)"  
7. "Te Misea (A Scream to Save the Planet)"  
8. "Muntula Moto (The Benediction of a Long Life)"  
9. "Laka Mba (Plea for Forgiveness - With the Pride of Lions)"  
10. "Ngad'a Ndutu (Widow's Dance - Celebration of a New Life)"  
11. "Esoka (Trust Your Heart)"  
12. "Mbanga Kumba (Two Cities, One Train)"  

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