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jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013

Andy Narrel & Relator - University of Calypso (Usa-Trinidad, 2009)

Andy Narrel & Relator - University of Calypso (Usa-Trinidad, 2009)

It almost seems required in many cases, that jazz artists incorporate other styles into their music, whether it is blues, R&B, pop, classical or Latin. Half a century ago, jazz and calypso were fused together for the first time, and now Andy Narell and modern-day calypso legend Relator revisit that relationship with University of Calypso.
Narell is perhaps the world's foremost steel pan artist, making a career of working this instrument into the realm of jazz. His studio and stage associations include a diverse range of artists, including Dave Samuels and the Caribbean Jazz Project, Spyro Gyra, Michael Brecker and Hugh Masekela. Guitarist/vocalist Relator, born as Willard Harris, is one of Trinidad's best known calypso artists.
"Gavaskar" opens the set. This festive piece features a delightful, storytelling lyric sung by Relator, with Narell's subtle underscore. The steel pan master also solos. The rest of the band is engaging, but except for Dario Eskenazi's piano solo, no member stands out.
"Food Prices" is the blues set to calypso. Rather than lamenting the loss of a job or a bad relationship turned worse, Relator chants about the high cost of groceries. In places, he quotes comments he's actually heard in supermarkets. And he does it all while the band marches along. Of particular note is how drummer Mark Walker and percussionist Pedro Martinez stand out in their roles. Narell leads during the instrumental breaks and also in the middle of the song.
Paquito D'Rivera adds clarinet to "Pan in Harmony," an instruments-only track. He and Narell trade leads early before blending into a dialogue in which the two also enjoy extended solos.
Narell, Relator and their supporting cast revisit some classic calypso songs, particularly those created by Aldwyn Roberts—also known as Kitchener—as well as some Relator originals. The result is 15 songs that are amusing, sometimes humorous and always fun.

01. Gavaskar02. Love in the Cemetery03. Food Prices04. Pan in Harmony05. Eating Competition06. Steel Band Musi07. My Pussin08. Sugar for Pan09. Hold Onto Your Man10. Peddlars11. Bottle and Spoon12. Take Yuh Meat Out Meh Rice13. Pan on Sesame Street14. Ugly Woman15. My Brother Your Sister.
Personnel: Andy Narell: steel pan
Relator: vocals, guitar
Darlo Eskenazl: piano
Dario Eskenazi: piano
Gregory Jones: bass instrument, bass guitar
Mark Walker: drums; Marco Araya-Correa: cuatro
Paquito D'Rivera: clarinet, alto saxophone
Pedro Martinez: congas, bongos, timbales 
Inor Sotolongo: percussion

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