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miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

Alborosie - Escape From Babylon (Italia, 2009)

Alborosie - Escape From Babylon (Italia, 2009)

What we have in Alborosie as an artist in reggae is clearly a scholar of reggae. A multi-instrumentalist, with phrasing, vocal parts like a Vivaldi opera.  But these tunes are hard, and they go to places that not many have gone since King Tubby and Scientist were building speakers and moving knobs to innovate a music movement.

This new set, out on VP Records,  ESCAPE FROM BABYLON TO THE KINGDOM OF ZION was actually released in Europe last summer.  The record is just getting into the hands of the American market which prior to now, only had his limited edition import SOUL PIRATE to satisfy cravings for his gravelly chant, studious observance ofvintage reggae technique, political stance, genuine street sense, and spiritual vibes.

The record was produced in Kingston where Alborosie, native of Sicily in Italy has been living for the past ten years.  The lead track on the album "Kingston Town" pays homage to the rudies that have trod for half a century there. With a nod to foundation engineer Scientist, the cover art reflects the series of illustrations that the veteran has to his credit as a superhero of dub.  Now Alborosie is in his PhD program, studying with the Specialist who has Shabba Ranks to his credit, and whose formula for success has left clues, ones that the explorer from the East has come to unearth and dust off, to conquer the rest reggae world.

One of the key cultural singles to blaze 2009, was "Kingdom of Zion." "If you a wicked man cannot enter the kingdom of Zion,' seems easy enough to say, but unlike those who flow with the same recycled rasta rhetoric, or worse, those who have sold out for the bling, with hype topics, abandoning the class struggles that birthed reggae, this one rings true. Alborosie chants, "For the kingdom of Zion there is no VIP pass, no JLP, PNP tax, no subject, no class....and  "Enter the kingdom, free up Jamdown, come join this stardom, no killings no phantom." "
The American version of the ESCAPE FROM BABYLON album has several combinations including one with David Hinds of Steel Pulse on the classic "Steppin' Out"  and a slack  and very slick dancehall song,"Blue Movie Boo" sung over Shabba's "Bedroom Bully," a retouched riddim with a chorus that uses the patois term for porn flicks.

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