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jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Africando - Ketukuba (Senegal, 2006)

Africando - Ketukuba (Senegal, 2006)

Africando, the Afro-Salsa supergroup is back. Fourteen years after the historic first meeting of the best singers from Senegal and the best Latin musicians in New York, "Ketukuba" , their seventh album is ready. The thrill you felt when you first heard Africando is still there! 

"Ketukuba" is a tribute to the late Gnonnas Pedro, Benin's favourite son, who sang with Africando from 1996 until his death in 2004. The title song, was his last recording. 

Medoune Diallo, who earned his reputation with Orchestre Baobab before casting his lot with the nascent Africando in 1992, sings a duet with his son, Lodia Mansour, a rising star in Senegal today.

This album also introduces two other young but already seasoned Senegalese singers to Africando's worldwide fans: Pascal Dieng of Super Cayor and Basse Sarr of Orchestre Afro-Salsa de Dakar.

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