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jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012

Third World - The Story's Been Told (Jamaica, 1979)

Third World - The Story's Been Told (Jamaica, 1979)

1979's THE STORY'S BEEN TOLD, like its immediate predecessor JOURNEY TO ADDIS, is a transitional album bridging the traditional roots reggae of early albums like 1976's self-titled release and the more pop-oriented and keyboard-heavy work of Third World's later years. The balance is still tilted towards the rootsy and the Rasta, however, making THE STORY'S BEEN TOLD a fine example of the band's classic era.
These seven lengthy songs are funky reggae workouts evenly divided between Rastafarian devotionals like "Irie Ites," and more playful party tunes like "Having a Party" and "Come Together." The gently flowing title track, one of Third World's finest, closes the album on an appropriately high note.

01 - Talk To Me
02 - Irie Ites
03 - Always Around
04 - Tonight For Me
05 - Come Together
06 - Having A Party
07 - The Story's Been Told

Cat Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Michael "Ibo" Cooper Vocals
Steven "Cat" Coore Bass, Guitar
Richard Daley Bass, Guitar
John Fischbach Engineer, Remixing
Jim Hall Engineer
Irvin Jarrett Percussion
Laura Livingston Assistant Engineer
Bunny Rugs Guitar, Vocals
Steven Stanley Engineer, Mixing
Willie Stewart Drums
Third World Producer
Jeff Willens Digital Remastering, Mastering Engineer
Chris Wood Saxophone

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